Sustaining Your Lean Gains

Now that you are making progress, how do you make it stick? This session will discuss how to maintain and sustain your lean successes and progress. When building a lean culture of continuous improvement, the biggest lean challenge isn’t getting the ball rolling, it’s keeping the ball rolling! The cycle of improvement, then delay or digression, is so common that it can be considered a normal part of the change process. However, it is imperative that we effectively address any stalling or slowing of the transformation. Otherwise, momentum will be lost forever, and the change effort will be viewed as just another failed “program.”
The key to sustainment is to embed the desired lean practices and behaviors into the DNA of the organization. Then, they are not considered something extra or outside of the normal organizational operations. Lean activities and experimentation become integrated parts of the normal operations. This session will focus on methods of embedding lean to minimize transformation stalling or backsliding. 
We’ll delve into the reasons why we often stall in our lean efforts. And we’ll discuss multiple countermeasures to make lean stick and the key roles and responsibilities to make this happen. 

Presentation Attendee Takeaways
•    Understanding of the root causes of lean stalling or backsliding
•    Approaches of monitoring and measuring to highlight potential momentum issues
•    Key roles and responsibilities to enable sustainment

Carl Livesay David Rizzardo