Dispense With the Drudgery: AI Can Eliminate Tasks People Hate

You hire people for how they think and how they do their jobs, not how well they fill out TPS reports. Without critical performance data, however, you can't track project status, inventory levels, design changes, or dozens of details needed to keep your plant operating. In this presentation, hear how Sean O'Meara's Girtz Industries is starting to use artificial intelligence to cut down on paperwork. O'Meara will discuss:
•  How Girtz connects ERP to HR to IT, allowing leaders to check information through simple queries instead of tracking down people in different departments.
•  How AI can capture ideas and data that can easily get lost, like amazing insights or project status updates shared during staff meetings.
•  How to eliminate garbage-in/garbage-out problems by making sure you're capturing data automatically instead of forcing employees to key everything in by hand.

Sean O'Meara