Digitalizing Data: Impacts Across an Organization

In PPG’s Specialty Coatings and Materials business, strategic data use enables manufacturing facilities to move faster, connect with customers and create operational efficiencies. PPG’s Juliane Hefel will cover the importance of knowledge capture and the possibilities created when this process moves from a paper-based to digital approach.

A key case study will be PPG’s partnership with Universal Display Corporation (UDC). PPG makes organic light-emitting diode (OLED) emitters for UCD using a complex process to reach the precise purity level needed for materials that convert electricity into light. With UDC, PPG is working to automate and digitize OLED material production to make them scalable for mass manufacturing and to meet stringent quality requirements and predict quality at mass scale.

Key Takeaways: 
•    Organizational alignment and institution of digital capabilities
•    Data sharing best practices
•    Future-forward outlooks on the role of AI, data ownership and leveraging digital data learnings to open unexpected doors

Juliane Hefel