Digital Transformation from the Bottom Up: Empowering Digital Workers

The more that employees know about and understand your operations, the more productive they can be. At Wacker (pronounced vah-kur) Chemical, getting quality results data on display screens, operating procedures to employees on tablets and using VR systems for training have all had impacts on employee engagement and efficiency. Those gains have come from embracing the digital worker – people empowered with the data and tools they need to perform. In this presentation, Wacker Chemical U.S. Region CIO Raj Polanki will discuss the technological approach that his company is using now and share upcoming projects such as increasing use of us autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs) at Wacker plants and drones for equipment inspection.

Attendees will learn about:
•    The importance of digital transformation for Industry 4.0 
•    Why to equip digital workers with modern tools
•    How to make information available at the point of action
•    The evolution of non-human workforce

Raj Polanki