Subaru of Indiana Automotive

Tour Description: Take advantage of this unique opportunity to observe award-winning automotive assembly in action! Your guided tour will give you the chance to witness our impressive facility and see Subaru vehicle production from start to finish. Tours of SIA highlight the Stamping processes, where you will observe giant presses turning raw coils of steel into the vehicle's metal structure. From there, you will see these panels expertly welded together by over 1,671 robots in our Body Assembly area. Following the Paint Shop, you will see Associates bring the vehicles to life as they assemble over 2,000 parts into and onto each vehicle in Trim and Final. Finally, viewing our Tester Line will prove our commitment to quality and safety. Ultimately, you will see what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

What participants will see on the tour:

  • Stamping: Steel and aluminum pieces get stamped into actual car parts using huge Transfer Presses.
  • Body Construction: Watch those pieces get welded together using 1,671 robots.
  • Paint: Watch a short paint video of the entire paint process and see it through windows.
  • Trim & Final: Final assembly where 2,000 parts are getting put on the Subaru, watching it driving off the final line, and all points of the quality inspection.

Additional Tour Details:

  • Closed-toe and closed-heel shoes are required to be worn.
  • Skirts, dresses, and sandals are not permitted to be worn. Shorts are permitted in the hotter months.
  • There are lockers in the Lobby for you to store your purses, bags, jackets, etc. as those items are not to be worn or carried on the tour.
  • Please bring your Government issued ID

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