Endress+Hauser USA

Tour Description: See how the process of flowmeter assembly begins with the materials we use. Quality control and our sourcing quality policy ensure that we only use ethically sourced materials. Our inbound freight team receives, inspects, and places into stock materials used in the production of flowmeters. Throughout the assembly process, quality control measures are upheld to ensure the efficiency and quality of our process.

The process and workflow efficiencies we’ve created mean low lead times for our customers. Every step of the way, our internal order tracking process ensures operators quickly select and expertly utilize the correct materials. Our operators are trained to assemble the full range of flowmeters produced by Endress+Hauser–creating efficiency and cost savings for our customers. 

Color coding and visual cues help our team save time and pull materials accurately for each kit–ensuring only the necessary parts are selected and travel together throughout assembly, testing, and calibration. Team members working are ESD certified to ensure the integrity of the circuit boards installed in each meter.

As the People for Process Automation, we leverage cutting edge robotics technology to support our operators. You’ll see how our kit delivery robot–Flow Bot–helps our operators work more efficiently by delivering kits to them, allowing them to focus their attention on the assembly process. Flow Bot allows our facility to leverage a single kitting area for both assembly points in our facility, creating efficiency and lowering costs.

Once flowmeters are assembled and quality tested, they are calibrated, which is driven by our innovation and design. You’ll see the largest holding tank used for calibrations at our facility holds 155,000 gallons of water! The water used for calibration must be periodically flushed from the system and new water added.  During this change, water is released into a retention pond for geothermal heating and cooling, reducing our carbon footprint. Furthermore, our location includes solar panels across the entire roof of the facility to cut our carbon footprint by a projected 53%.

Additional Tour Details:

  • Closed-toe required to be worn
  • Safety glasses will be provided

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