LEAN and Technology Deployment in Manufacturing Processes to Drive Efficiencies

Today’s manufacturers understand the urgency to improve digital and analytics maturity by balancing operational modernization and resilience. A quick way to respond to this need is by integrating lean and technology deployment to ramp up operational efficiencies, uncover opportunities, and mitigate risk.

Technology, from automation and robotics to data analytics and artificial intelligence (including generative AI), further supports the better absorption of lean practices to strengthen core operations. Lean methodologies are not restricted to factory floors. You can apply these principles to different parts of your business, such as supply chain, sourcing, and procurement.

The discussion will explore how embracing this synergy promises increased productivity, reduced costs, improved quality, and enhanced customer experience. The session will showcase client success stories where lean and technology deployment acted as a transformative force, propelling businesses toward a more results-driven and sustainable impact

Kristen LeBaron Karianne Gomez