Full Name
Jason Lipscomb
Job Title
Technical Training Department
Speaker Bio
With a passion and talent for developing people and teams to reach their top level of performance, Jason has extensive experience in andragogy, learning theory, and the use of technology in the training environment. He is a retired U.S. Army Infantry Officer and decorated combat veteran who understands very well the value of growing and investing in people to enhance organizational performance and teams. He currently works for Subaru overseeing supplier education, leading salary staff instructional programs, and curriculum design and development. Outside of Subaru, Jason is an adjunct faculty member instructing several courses surrounding Change Management, Technology and Innovation, and Organizational Science. He holds a Master of Science in Leadership in Technology from Purdue University and is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Management professional. Jason believes the greatest reward in education is that the harder you work, the better you make someone else.
Jason Lipscomb