Full Name
Elizabeth Parra
Job Title
Process Engineer
Subaru of Indiana Automotive
Speaker Bio
Elizebeth Parra is a results-driven professional currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering & Technology at Purdue University. Specializing in the automotive industry, Elizebeth's career at Subaru of Lafayette, IN, began as an associate, showcasing a remarkable progression through key roles. Starting as an associate, Elizebeth transitioned into the role of a Team Leader, and then ultimately a Process Engineer, where her contributions extended to competing in continuous improvement competitions and leading Kaizen initiatives. She played a pivotal role in spearheading an offline team, significantly reducing waste and overall downtime reduction, as major contributions to the continuous improvement agenda. Elizebeth's commitment to excellence is evident through her data-driven analytics, problem-solving skills, and a proactive approach to challenges. Her diverse skill set, spanning from her foundational role as an associate to her leadership position as a Team Lead, and growing into a successful and driven Process Engineer, establishes Elizebeth Parra as an accomplished professional in the realm of Automotive Manufacturing.
Elizabeth Parra