Full Name
Josh Renicker
Job Title
member Ambassador Program Director / COO
COO Forum / Energy Access Inc
Speaker Bio
Josh Renicker, as Chief Operating Officer at Energy Access Inc, brings over a decade of strategic leadership, driving operational innovation and guiding significant expansions. With a manufacturing background, he pursued degrees in Drafting Technologies, Technical Project Management, and Business Administration while working full-time, showcasing his commitment to continuous learning. Passionate about Transformational Leadership, Josh mentors and empowers others to unlock their potential. As an active member of the Chief Operating Officer Business Forum, Josh serves as the Member Ambassador Director and Virtual Chapter Director, facilitating connections and fostering collaboration among top-tier executives worldwide. Beyond his professional endeavors, he prioritizes his role as a devoted husband and father, finding joy in reading with his family and nurturing strong familial bonds. With unwavering commitment to excellence and a focus on intentional leadership, Josh Renicker continues to drive success at Energy Access Inc and inspire the broader business community.
Josh Renicker